Abingdon Summer School for Solo Singers

will be held at

Radley College, Oxfordshire

Sunday 2nd August - Saturday 8th August 2020 The closing date for applications is Saturday 23rd May 2020

Coronavirus and the Summer School

As you are aware there is a looming crisis in the country over Coronavirus. At present it seems to be contained in the UK, but cases are rising daily. The advice being given by the World Health Organisation is that we are on the verge of a pandemic.

Having spoken to the Lettings Officer at Radley College, we can confirm that at this time the school is still functioning as normal. Of course that situation may change, and if it does, the best prediction that can be made is that the disease should be under control by the summer – hopefully by August and the Summer School.

So we have taken the decision to publicise the course as normal, and encourage people to apply as soon as possible. The main thing is that we have to go ahead on the assumption that the course will happen as planned. I have to get on with the preparations, as there is always so much to do, which simply can’t be left until the last minute.

So, can I ask that any of you who were hoping to apply this summer do so asap, regardless of coronavirus.  You’ll see on the website that I have changed the deposit I require to £50, as I know that many people will find the coming months challenging financially.  I shall not ask you to pay the rest of your fees until the last moment - if we are able to hold the course.

However, should the situation change and the disease is still causing havoc in the summer, we may have to cancel the course. In this eventuality I may have to charge a small administartion fee for work already done for the course.

We hope VERY MUCH to be able to go ahead with the 2020 Summer School!